What We Do

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meemo |mē-mō| noun:    Leaders in Digital Self-Expression.

Adding Expression to Mobile Messaging

meemo™ brings licensed branded IP to life in the form of emoticons. Replacing the traditional smileys, meemo's line of emoticon stickers feature characters from licensed properties, as well as original characters, that express the moods and emotions of users on mobile messenger clients.

Branded Intellectual Property Virtual Distribution

meemo™ specializes in transforming a brand's IP into virtual goods. Check out a few of our IPs below.

  • Police officer Rick Grimes leads a group of survivors in a world overrun by zombies.

    From: AMC Networks

    The Walking Dead

  • Friendship Is Magic takes place in the land of Equestria, populated by varieties of ponies, along with numbers of other sentient and non-sentient creatures.

    From: Hasbro

    My Little Pony

  • A human boy and his adopted brother - a magical dog - set out to become righteous adventurers in the Land of Ooo.

    From: Cartoon Network

    Adventure Time

  • The National Football League Player's Association, including all rights to professional football player likeness and imagery.

    NFL Player's Association

  • Agent Hobbs enlists the aid of Dom and team to help bring a rival gang, led by Owen Shaw, to justice.

    From: Universal Studios

    Fast & Furious 6

  • The classic American rock band!

    From: Live Nation


  • The 25th anniversary of the classic arcade fighting games featuring competitive fighters from around the world, each with his or her own unique fighting style.

    From: CAPCOM

    Street Fighter

  • The entire Transformers franchise including The Hub's Transformers Prime, the Transformers movie trilogy and the original Generation One.

    From: Hasbro


Avatars, Virtual Worlds, Social Networks, Platforms

meemo™ has partnered with many of the largest avatar platforms, virtual worlds, consoles, mobile apps and social networks to develop a strong global presence across the virtual map. From web, to mobile, to console, meemo™ is continually spreading the reach to platforms for branded virtual goods distribution and is dialed in to the latest trends across the avatar space.

Virtual Goods